" Hold on to what you  believe,
even if it is a tree that stands
by itself."   
About Me
  In my twenties, I started to write poetry in the late 1970's and I found it to be a healing force and an expressive outlet, even more than my occupation as an artist and art restorer.
  My poems and erotic stories have been published in The Provincetown Magazine and also The Turnpike Cruiser, A Lambda Classic Car publication. They were compiled into my first book, Venerated Objects, which is available through Amazon.com, online book sellers, and a personally signed copy available here, through my website.
  I belong to "Beat Night", a local group of writers and poets who meet every second Wednesday of each month at 7 P.M. here in New Hope, Pennsylvania to recite, exchange ideas or to just listen.
All are welcome!
  I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and the horror genre. I was inspired to write the fictional novel "The Mirror Deviant" from a short story I had written titled "Gothic" in my first book, Venerated Objects. It had centered on a man's obsession with his vintage black Corvette and an incubus; an entity that sexually controlled it's victim.
  My mother Theresa, was influential in my interest in poetry, as her poems were beautifully written and heartfelt.
  I presently reside in the beautiful river town art community of New Hope, Pennsylvania in Bucks County with my partner and our little red "deer head" Chihuahua, Rusty.
  1. The Devil, Souls, Blood and The Mirror: The Mirror Deviant
    The Mirror Deviant is a thriller horror novel that centers on a scenic painted antique mirror that morphs into a demonic realm. The mirror requires blood and souls, and controls the lives of several characters that have purchased it. The story begins in Cape Cod during the turbulent sixties, travels back in time to ancient Pompeii with the life of prostitute, and follows a trail of blood to New York City and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  2. The Mirror Deviant: An Erotic Horror Thriller of Demonic Possession
    A video where I explain some other aspects of the book. Aside from it's darker fictional content, the different characters experience the mystical and paranormal in their search for love. Whereas the mirror represents evil and its' material seduction in the world.
  3. Venerated Objects: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories
    In this video, I explain various aspects from the selection of previously published poems and short stories compiled in my book "Venerated Objects."
  4. "Racing To The Bottom" : The Demise Of American Jobs
    I've included four poems after Venerated Objects was published. These four poems are included on the final pages of The Mirror Deviant. This one poem "Racing to the Bottom" is in response to the increasing demise of jobs and manufacturing to overseas companies.